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  • Mobilize your software

    Your complete mobile software toolkit

    The Appear IQ Mobility Platform addresses the top priorities of your software business

    •  Deliver high-end, professional solutions
    •  Shorten time to market of new solutions
    •  Ensure future-proof developments
    •  Pricing to match your business needs

  • AIQ : Professional

    Designed for business software

    • Build enterprise grade cross-platform mobile solutions
    • Meet your customer security and performance needs
    • Ensure your mobile project success

  • AIQ : Speed

    50% - 70% quicker!

    • Start your project with the hard parts already done
    • Focus on your logic, not the plumbing
    • Easy development of "mobile first" business solutions

  • AIQ : Freedom

    Your code supported. Not taken hostage.

    • Use your own development skills
    • Code your own apps your own way
    • Freedom to take your business forward

Appear IQ is the Professional Mobility Platform
for complete solution development and operation.

Create enterprise-grade HTML5 mobile apps, integrate them with your software, and distribute them to your customers' users.

  • Enterprise-Grade Apps

    Customers are demanding functional, quality mobile apps. Now there is no need to trade between portability, performance, security and cost.

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  • Faster Time to Market

    You need to quickly adjust to market changes and stay ahead of the competition. You can now gain up to 70% lead time.

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  • Flexible Pricing

    Custom pricing models which scale with your business needs making it easy for you to grow.

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  • Enterprise Knowledge

    Our experienced team helps partners extend their products to the mobile world.

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  • Expert support from Appear

    We can support you at all stages of development and operation.

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Three topics to drive your mobile project.

  • App Development

    Simplify development of
    HTML5 hybrid apps.

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  • Data Integration

    Simplify integration with your
    software products.

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  • Management

    Simplify management of your
    mobile solution.

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App Development

Innovative yet Professional.
  • Enable enterprise-grade hybrid apps
    • Optimized communication frameworks
    • Enterprise security management
    • Full access to hardware capabilities
    • App portfolio
  • No steep learning curves!
    • Support your preferred web technology stack
    • Support Cordova apps
  • Choose your development environment
    • FREE Appear IQ Cloud
    • On-premise installation

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Hybrid Apps | App Containers

Data Integration

Flexible. Simple.
  • Integrate with our public REST APIs
    • Data management
    • App management
  • Quick integration via open-source Java Integration SDK
  • Choose your development environment
    • FREE Appear IQ Cloud
    • On-premise installation

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RESTful API | Java Integration SDK


Control with Convenience.
  • User Management
    • Active Directory integration
    • Built-in user repository
  • HTML5 App Management
  • Choose your deployment strategy
    • Appear IQ Cloud
    • On-premise installation

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User Management | App Management



Appear IQ makes it simple to extend your software products to the mobile world.
It shortens the time to market of professional mobile offerings. An enterprise mobility software pioneer since 2001, Appear has developed the software platforms and all the professional expertise needed to make your mobility project an outstanding success.

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Appear IQ is one of the successful results of the EC co-funded MobiCloud project, which delivers cloud-based mobile technologies for industrial applications.

MobiCloud deployments are transforming the construction and transportation markets with innovative workflow applications.

To get your application into the MobiCloud ecosystem, contact us.